Organizing the conferences

Currently I am an organizer of the Mini-Symposium on Systems with Time Delay at Fifth EUROMECH Nonlinear Dynamics Conference, NOC 2005

Abstract: The systems with time delay are perhaps the simplest representatives among the manifold of infinite-order systems. The analysis of such systems is helpful to gain a better insight into behavior of more complex dynamical systems described by partial differential equations. The models with time-delay feedback erase naturally in various fields of science. The aim of the mini-symposium is to bring together scientists from different fields concerned with time-delay systems. The mini-symposium will cover all aspects of such systems, including theory, modeling, simulation, experiment and applications. A non-exhaustive list of topics reads: chaotic time-delay systems, synchronization of coupled time-delay systems, control problems. Especially welcome are the papers on time-delay feedback control of chaotic systems. 

Location:   Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands (The)
Event Starts: On August 7, 2005
Event Ends: On August 12, 2005
Language:  English
Last Day of Submission of Abstract: December 1, 2004
Last Date of Submission of Manuscripts: March 1, 2005

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Participation in the recent conferences

Recently I took part in the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "PHYSICS AND CONTROL" (PhysCon 2003) August 20-22, 2003, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA. I was a member of the international program committee of this conference and presented a plenary talk at this conference.

 Here is the PDF file of my PPT presentation of the plenary talk

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