Research Topics

Controlling Chaos

  Delayed feedback control schema

  • Stabilizing unstable steady states, periodic and aperiodic orbits of dynamical systems.

  • Delayed feedback control: Theory and application to various dynamical systems.

  • Systems with time delay in general.

    Dynamics of publications in the field of chaos control


Antiphase synchronization of two clocks (firstly discovered by Huygens in 1665)

  • Synchronization of chaotic systems. Generalized synchronization. Weak and strong synchronization of chaos. 

  • Using chaos synchronization for secure communications.

  • Synchronization of time-delayed systems.


Dynamics of publications in the field of chaos synchronization

Time series analysis


  • Algorithms for estimating Lyapunov exponents and dimension of a strange attractor from a chaotic time series. 

  • Estimating conditional Lyapunov exponents from two time series taken from drive and response systems. 


Excitable systems


Simple example of excitable system 

  • Controlling spatio-temporal chaos in excitable systems with an application to the cardiology. 

  • Beat phenomenon in excitable systems and parasistolic arrhythmia.   


Spiral wave in a model of dog's heart